FitFlow Yoga Workshops

All workshops are recognized for BCRPA continuing education credits

FitFlow Yoga Level 2



This intensive 16 hour weekend workshop is intended for those that have completed the FitFlow Yoga Fitness module.or those looking to deepen their own yoga practice.
We will delve deeper into Yoga philosophy, and acquire some new teaching skills so you continue to grow as a yoga teacher and move to the next level of your personal yoga practice.The curriculum covers over 20 new asanas, including basic arm balances and standing balance poses, yoga philosophy,  Vinyasa and Hatha class design.
Date: April 7 & 8th 2018
Time: 9:00-5:00pm Sat & Sun
Fee: $250.00 (includes manual & taxes)

FitFlow Yoga Fusion

     3 BCRPA CECs

FitFlow Yoga Fusion combines Flow Yoga and Strength Training using small weights and bands. This class helps to balance out workouts like HIIT that miss flexibility and balance training and yoga classes that have a limited amount of the pulling movements of the back. The standing postures of yoga help to improve balance, isometric strength and active flexibility. The strength training focuses mainly on the stabilizer muscles of the shoulder girdle that will ensure students have the strength do the planks and pushups that these classes often include.

Date : Saturday April 28th 2018

Time: 11:00-2:00pm

Fee: $65.00

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FitFlow Yoga for the Core & More!


FitFlow Yoga Core and More ( more is the pelvic floor) explores the integration between body, mind and breath as the key to strengthening the core in a functional way. From the foundation of mountain pose to more dynamic postures, understanding this connection will benefit your students both on and off the mat. You will learn asanas and sequenced flows to add into your current classes or to offer a specialized core class.

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Yoga for Older Adults


Yoga for Older Adults

Yoga for Life!



The benefits of Yoga for Older Adults range from, fall prevention, improved balance & coordination, increased strength, endurance, and flexibility, to better sleep, stress reduction and a greater sense of self- confidence. Yoga for seniors is a 4-hour workshop that will teach instructors how to lead a gentle yoga class, that is suited for seniors and adult beginners. You will learn to use modifications, chairs and props to create a safe and relaxing class. Experience the joy of helping your  students  discover the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT benefits of Yoga!

DATE: Winter 2017

Yoga for Kids!

Yoga for Kids!


If you LOVE YOGA and KIDS this is your opportunity to learn how to Teach Yoga in a KID friendly way!

Yoga for kids is gaining popularity and there is an opportunity to start your own class in many community centres, fitness clubs and schools! This 3-hour workshop will teach you how to add some fun and a lot of play into a yoga class. You will learn some new names and fun modifications for traditional poses.

Date: Fall, 2016

Time 1:00-4:00 

Fee: $65.00 

($10.00 discount for 2 workshops)

The Slippery Psoas

The Slippery Psoas


For Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Leaders and curious yogis!

The Psoas is much more than a muscle. Proper alignment & movement of the psoas muscles can heal many aches and pains, and might just have a larger effect on your health. It cradles your kidneys, it gives you length and space, and promotes adaptability. Come join Dr. Thara Vayali, Naturopathic Doctor & Yoga Teacher, in a three hour workshop that explores anatomy, common medical conditions, and how to correctly stretch & strengthen this muscle group.

Workshop facilitator – Thara Vayali has been teaching yoga for over a decade and offers public & private yoga sessions in Vancouver. She is the creator of Change: Natural Medicine. She is foremost a teacher, and loves to share her knowledge through engaging, lighthearted, and informative workshops that weave yoga & medicine into take home tools to better your health. Dr. Vayali is smitten with the body. The Psoas is a muscle she has researched, rehabilitated, injured, overused and now dearly loves. Through learning anatomy and having a yoga practice to discover how anatomy turns into action, she has healed her once dysfunctional psoas and in turn her functional psoas has healed her in many ways.

DATE: Winter 2017

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Restoring the Wrists


Restore the Wrists

Restoring the Wrist

Do wrist stretches actually do anything for a yogi? Learn how to help students avoid injuries in hand-weight-bearing practices & learn how to manage students with previous wrist pain. In this 3 hour workshop we’ll study the anatomy and biomechanics of the wrist all the way up the shoulder girdle, so that you can learn to identify if students are helping or harming themselves. We’ll end with a yoga practice to help you feel the value or proper wrist stability.

Hour 1: Anatomy of the the wrist, arm and shoulder. Pathology & Common injuries.

Hour 2: Identifying potential for repetitive stress injuries in students, options for weight bearing in healthy wrists vs injured wrists. Wrist strengthening & stretching exercises and relationship to Yoga philosophy

Hour 3: 45 minute asana practice working with proper wrist weight bearing. 15 minutes for questions.

FitFlow Yoga Teachers Mentorship Program

Yoga Workshop #1

FitFlow Yoga workshops are approved for BCRPA CEC’s.

yoga-camels-237x300aFitFlow Yoga Practicum

If you have completed the FitFlow Yoga module but have not found the time or place to practice your teaching skills this is your opportunity to meet in a safe, friendly group with other FitFlow Yoga grads to  complete the 8 hour BCRPA Yoga practicum. You will design lesson plans, teach in small groups, and receive constructive feed back on voice, language, sequencing, safe transitions and class design from both from your peers and the Instructor. This practicum will finish with the BCRPA ICE evaluation, so you are ready to go out and share the Yoga Love!

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