Yoga and Pilates Fusion March 3, 2024





FitFlow Yoga Fusion In Person & Online Workshop


Limited in person spots available. Contact Tina to hold your spot!

Date: March 3, 2024

Time: 9:00 -5:00pm Fee:  187.95 (includes GST)

Pilates and Yoga are similar in many ways, they both focus on safe alignment, mindful breathing and the importance of the mind/body connection. They are also different, Yoga is about Extensions and Flow and Pilates is about Flexion and Core connection. It is these differences that make a fusion class a full body well balanced experience.This class will combine the Flow of Sun Salutations and standing Yoga postures with the Core focused Pilates exercises. If you are currently a Yoga or Pilates instructor you will come away with the tools to combine new movements into you current classes or design a fusion class. If you are a group fitness teacher or personal trainer, you will get a small taste of the two styles so you can design a fusion class, or add some mind-body movements into your current fitness classes or PT programs.

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